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Acasi Machinery has been manufacturing liquid filling machines since 1999, we offer a wide variety of filling machines that include piston fillers, overflow fillers, pump fillers, flow meter liquid filler among other designs.

We offer this many bottle filling machines designs to be able to accommodate a large range of products from thin liquids to thick products with or without particles as well as a range of speeds with semi-automatic bottling machines to inline filling machines automatic and semi-automatic to accommodate speeds up to 120 bottles per minute. We also have rotary fillers to accommodate faster speeds of up 300 bottles per minute. There are many factors one must consider when choosing a liquid filling machine like required speed, accuracy, container shapes, product, temperature, etc.

With so many bottle filling machinery designs, manufacturers and options we understand it’s a hard choice, that’s why we request product and bottle samples as well as required speeds to make sure we can provide you with the most cost-efficient bottling filling machine for your needs.

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Acasi Bottle Filling Machines

Each liquid filler has its pros and cons, if there was a single bottle liquid filling machine that would work for every product and be inexpensive to make there would be no need to manufacture all the different types of filling machines. We make liquid filling machines capable of filling from water-thin products to high viscosity products with up to 250,000 cps.

For thick products with or without particles, we have a wide variety of piston fillers with many options like servo-controlled motion for filling piston stroke accuracy, rotary valves that can handle filling products with or without particles, servo-controlled nozzle movement for the bottom-up filling to eliminate foam or trapped air in high viscosity products. Another option for high viscosity bottle filling are our pump fillers, we offer gear pump filling machines, rotary lobe among others. These systems are great to fill a wide variety of filling volumes from a few ounces to 5 gallons or more.

If you only need to fill thin products, overflow filling machines are often chosen because they provide high-speed bottle filling at a fraction of the cost of a piston or a pump liquid filler. Overflow filling machines can’t be used for thick products (Read this article for more information: Another way to fill thin products offered by some manufacturers is the gravity bottle filler in which you adjust the time that each nozzle stays open and depending on the diameter of the filling nozzle and the pressure you fill the bottle faster. It’s been our experience and shared with our customers that this type of liquid filler is hard to adjust the machine and fill volumes unpredictably change throughout the day.

Another bottle filling system that we started offering that works well for thin and mid viscosity products is a flowmeter liquid filler, with this machine you measure with flowmeter how much product is going through the unit or the pipe and based on that you open and close nozzles - valves and get an accurate fill. These systems are useful for filling large containers and/or when cleanability is important (It uses a lot less moving and non-moving parts than other systems.)