Rotary Tables, Unscrambling Rotary Table

Acasi Machinery makes several rotary table designs to help production lines with the bottle handling process. We make rotary feeding tables, used in bottling lines to increase efficiency by loading the rotary tables with enough bottles so the filling machine always has an influx of bottles coming in. For the middle of the line we offer mid accumulation tables that will receive and accumulate bottles if a machine stopped or is running slower than the rest of the line. For the end of the bottling line we offer several accumulation tables, we have different diameters and we can provide a work table and other options to make your packing at the end of the line as efficient as possible.

Feed tables are very useful to eliminate periods of time where bottles are not being fed onto your filling machine, a lot of bottling production lines have this problem and don’t realize how much more production they could actually do every day by adding a simple table, every time the filler runs out of bottles is production that goes to zero bottles per minute reducing the production at the end of the day, every day.

Mid accumulation tables are helpful to maintain production lines running, a typical example would be adding one of the tables in front of a labeler so when you need to replace the label roll you can keep running your bottle filler and capping machine. Since the labeling machine is stopped the bottles will accumulate and once it starts backup if the machine can run faster than the filler and capper it will label the bottles from the table as well as the ones from the production lines.

Having accumulation tables at the end of the bottling line is required unless you have a case packer or other means to automatically handle the containers finishing the production process. Normally all production lines have this tables and the few that don’t quickly realize that they need it since any distraction, bathroom break or physical exhaustion will cause the whole bottling line to stop instead of simply accumulating bottles