About Us

ACASI Machinery was founded with the main purpose of delivering excellent quality machines at reasonable prices, something the packaging machinery industry has been missing for years.

Originally all the machinery was made in our manufacturing facilities in south america but since 2010 we've been making all our conveyors, rotary tables and custom made machinery 100% in our facility in Miami providing faster turn around times and more flexibility. We have in our Miami facility laser cutting, bending and machining capabilities installed.

All our machines are assembled with high quality US off the shelve components to guarantee that our customers have always access to spare parts. These common components can be purchased through us or your local vendor.





Initially the company was founded in South America to provide a solution for the liquid filling industry, to do so the company started selling used overflow fillers, used vacuum fillers used piston fillers, used inline bottle cappers, used single head chuck cappers, used labelers among others. And after rebuilding machines for about 8 years you understand that the used machinery business it is not for everyone, it is hard to support the machines, the spare parts and your inventories depend on what you can find in the used and/or auction market and not on what you need to have.In addition to that you realize that although some used machines were great at some point, technology has evolved substantially and some new designs work better and cost a lot less than the old rotary or cam driven systems.

At that point the process started and we sold our first new machine, it was a single head, semiautomatic piston filler. To make this machine we bought our first cnc lathe to make all the check valve parts, cylinders, etc. And we bought our first CNC milling machine to make the support base for the pistons, this was a 1950 machine with tape reader where you had to input all the G codes one by one because the tape reader did not work !!!