Labelers, Labeling Machines and Systems

We are offering our customers top-of-line labeling machines using our more than 20 years of experience in the bottling industry. After selling other automatic labeling machines manufacturers for several years as well as adapting to our filling lines other bottle labeling machines we knew we could offer a better bottle labeling machine solution to our customers.

Our labeler machines use off-the-shelf electronic components instead of custom electronic boards, heavy-duty construction with extensive use of heavy gauge stainless steel. For the labeling head, the sky's the limit since we have partnered with other manufacturers like Herma (German), Altech(Italian), and others.

For our bottle labeler machines, we decided to use other label heads manufacturers because it simply made economic sense, some of these companies are making thousands of them, have great technology and the economics of scale makes it a win-win for everybody.


Acasi Labeling Machines

There are many pressure-sensitive labeling machines manufacturers in the world and for a while, we stayed away from it until we got tired of dealing with poor quality labeler machines as well as expensive change parts and lack of response on our complete bottling line projects. We also knew that with our manufacturing capabilities and experience as well as the labeling know-how acquired from more than 150 labeling projects we could make a better, easier to set up, and more robust labeling machine.

When choosing a bottle labeler it’s important to take into consideration the following:

  • Design and specifications: There are hundreds of labeler designs and the best machines will have adjustability in every ax as well as labeling head angle to compensate for taper bottles among other things.
  • Parts and local support: Make sure the spare parts for your machine are available and you can count on your manufacturer to ship out quickly.
  • Understand your needs: The sky's the limit on the options that one can add to a labeling machine but if you don’t need it you don’t want to overcomplicate a labeling machine increasing the cost and making it more difficult to change over, keep track of changeover parts, etc.

Currently, we are focused on labeling machines for bottles but will be expanding to other industries when the time is right.

We are currently offering this type of bottle labeling machines:

  • Wraparound labeler (For round bottles)
  • Wraparound with addition top labeling head
  • Front and back labeler (Square - oblong bottles)
  • Front and back labeler - wrap labeling
  • Many options available:
    1. 3 point turn
    2. Lot marking with Videojet hot stamp transfer
    3. Tilting for taper bottles
    4. Many more…..