Overflow Filler Machines

An overflow filler machine, also known as a pressure overflow filler, is a type of liquid filling machine commonly used in the food and beverage industry to fill containers with liquid products such as juice, water, and other beverages. These bottle fillers provide a high degree of consistency in the filling process, ensuring that each container is filled to the same level and with the same amount of product.

What is a Pressure Overflow Filler?

A pressure overflow filler is a type of overflow filling machine that uses pressure to accurately and consistently fill containers with liquid products. The pressure overflow filler is ideal for filling low to medium-viscosity liquid products, such as those commonly used in the beverage, distilled spirits, cleaning, and other industries. These machines can fill containers to a consistent visual fill level so all containers will look the same on the shelf, but this type of principle of filling does not measure the actual fill volume.

How Does a Pressure Overflow Filler Work?

The pressure overflow filler fills the container with the product to a predetermined level. It uses an overflow nozzle with two tubes, one for the fill and the other for the return. When the overflow nozzle comes down, the bottleneck opens the nozzle, and the fill tube dispenses the liquid into the container, and it continues to do so for a certain amount of time and pressure set on the machine.

Once the liquid reaches the return tube, the product, instead of continuing to fill the container, starts to overflow through the return tube to a return tank, and that is how you get consistent fill levels. Once all the containers start to overflow, it means they are all filled to the desired level; at that point, the machine stops the pump and lifts the nozzles to release the containers and be ready for the next batch. The container can then be sealed using an inline capping machine and labeled using labeling machines, ready for packaging and distribution.

The most common pumps used with automatic inline pressure overflow fillers handling thin products are centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps. In addition, positive displacement pumps can better handle higher-viscosity products.

The pressure overflow filler is a highly efficient and accurate method of filling containers with liquid products. Food and beverage industries use overflow fillers because of their reliability in providing consistent and accurate filling. Pressure overflow fillers can be integrated with other packaging machines, such as inline capping and labeling machines, to create a complete inline packaging system for low to medium-viscosity liquid products.