Piston Filler - Model Trupiston

When trying to figure out what filling machine to purchase for your company, look no further than our TruPiston filler. Available in a check valve or rotary valve design, the check valve is primarily used for water thin products as there is no area for the product to slip causing inaccurate fills. At the same time, where it thrives with thin products it’s not a preferred option to fill thick viscous products consistently and accurately. However, our rotary valve system can handle thin products with minimal accuracy issues on small fill volumes, while being able to rip through more viscous and chunky products with up to ¾” particulates for maximum efficiency.

If you are dedicating one product to an entire line, or running a wide range of products and fill volumes Acasi’s electric ball screw piston filler is as ridged of a system as there is designed to handle production 24/7. If you would like to run products that range from 1 oz. – 1 gallon, Acasi’s TruPiston can handle it without any design changes to the standard machine (purchase the additional piston barrels). Via quick disconnect fittings, changing over nozzles for a new product can be completed ­­in a matter of minutes.  Thin products that tend to string or drip at the end of the filling cycle can be handled using either our bottom close design, or an air knife which leaves a clean fill (preventing backups at a further point on the line) allowing for a smooth transition at each machine on the production line.

Unlike pneumatic piston fillers that require air to drive the machine,  Acasi’s TruPiston is driven by an electrically driven ball screw which allows more flexibility with product dispensing control. The product dispensing speed can be controlled from the beginning of the fill, all the way to the end. If you have a small fill volume or a wide mouth jar a pneumatic piston filler can experience air surges or “spikes” that create messy fills or a total catastrophe which in turn leads to downtime of the production line. With Acasi’s electrically driven ball screw, (for example) and to eliminate bad fill downtime caused by the air surges, the product can be filled at 100% speed for the first 90% of the total fill volume and then ramped down to the maximum dispensing speed while still producing a clean fill which allows for smooth production and a higher throughput.  These ramp speeds can be stored in the HMI for quick and easy setup in the future.

In addition to air surges causing bad or messy fills, they can also cause consistently inaccurate fills with constant changes in air pressure. No one likes to guess how much they are filling, so with Acasi’s Trupiston system, fill volumes can be accurately changed on the fly. You don’t need to stop the machine to adjust the dial on the back of the air cylinder, all you have to do is simply go to the HMI, select the fill volume and raise or lower it accordingly, and then immediately upon the next fill cycle, the volume is corrected.

As mentioned above, the Trupiston filler is more versatile and efficient than pneumatic or air over oil systems. The system is designed with 304 or 316 SS, Teflon, Buna, and Viton polymers as wetted parts.  The electric ball screw technology allows you to change dispensing speeds at different points of the fill cycle to produce a clean fill and maximize throughput as well as be able to change the fill volume on the fly directly from the HMI. This reduces downtime, and increases throughput.


Isaac Possin
Isaac Possin