Pressure Overflow Bottle Filler GI 3100 Drawings

ACASI expandable pressure–overflow filler model GI 3100, automatic inline filling machine (No nozzles conveyor or options included).

Construction features:
• 304 Stainless steel heavy duty stainless steel welded C frame.
• 20 Gallon stainless steel overflow tank.
• Stainless steel cover for overflow tank.
• 20 hose 304 stainless steel feeding manifold.
• All contact parts are stainless steel, sanitary, Teflon, viton and hoses per your requirements.
• Special seals or hoses by order.
• Calibrated guide for fast height changeovers.
• Machine mounted on 4 heavy duty casters.
• Leveling of machine by 1 inch 304 stainless steel leveling screws.

Control panel features:
• Omron PLC for all machine logic functions, special modifications on programs available for special adaptations.
• Frequency control drive for pump speed, acceleration and deceleration.
• Front panel filling time adjustment through Omron Timer.
• Front panel conveyor speed control for machine sold with conveyor.
• Front panel mounted bottle counter.
• Front panel Start and Emergency STOP for easy access.
• Front panel nozzle code for changing nozzle quantities.
• Fiber optic sensors by Omron standard for container gating.
• Expandable to 20 nozzles to increase speed.
• No bottle no fill PLC controlled.

Main components features:
• 96 Gallon per minute, 1 Hp, 3phase, 316 stainless steel centrifugal pump.
• Hardened Stainless steel calibrated shafts with linear bearings for nozzle rack movement smoothness and durability.
• 8 inch stroke air cylinder with magnetic sensors for nozzle up and down movement.
• 316L Stainless steel sanitary check valve mounted on pump.
• Hand wheel and shaft mounted stoppers for height and stroke adjustment.

Standard features:
• Nozzle spacing fully adjustable through top screw.
• Container height adjustment from 1 to 16 inches high.
• Nozzle stroke adjustments from 0 to 8 inches.
• Entry and exit bottle gating cylinders adjustable, sideways, up and down and inside and outside.
• Will work with plastic or glass containers.
• No change parts needed for various types of containers.
• Air filter-regulator and safety lockout valve included.
• Spacing and additional bottle control obtained by flow controls mounted on air gating cylinders.

Electric and pneumatic requirements:
• 110 Volts, 60Hz, 15 Amps.• 5 CFM @ 80 p.s.i.

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