Cap Feeder model CF 5200 Drawings

Centrifugal type cap feeder features:

  • Construction in stainless steel.
  • 32 inch diameter feeding disc - ramp assembly.
  • Cap rejecting by photoelectric sensor.
  • Cap by demand controlled by photoelectric sensor.
  • Standard 4 pieces slotted cross for easy tooling adjustment.
  • Easy changeover for caps from 10mm to 90mm in diameter.
  • Easy changeover for caps from 0.125 to 2.5 inches in height.
  • Sorter mounted on machine, no need for independent height adjustment.
  • Includes filter pressure regulator.
  • Flow controls on all air hoses.
  • Adjustable vibration system on cap hopper.
  • Force provided by 1/3 Hp DC gear motor.
  • Speed control by potentiometer.

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