Bottle Unscrambler - Inverted cleaning and ionizing

Acasi manufacturers bottle unscramblers that are used to automatically feed empty containers into the production line. The bottle unscramblers we manufacture are limited to plastic, metal and non-fragile containers.

We offer different model and size machines to efficiently accommodate the different customer needs.

48 and 60-in bowl bottle unscrambler: The larger diameter bowl basically increases the maximum speeds as well as the bottle size range that can be oriented on these machines.  These machines feed containers up to 6in diameter and 14 in high.

Inverted cleaning and ionizing: A popular way of cleaning the containers is to invert the bottle, blow ionized air into it while simultaneously vacuuming the air via a blower. This option is available in all of our bottle unscramblers



Bottle Unscrambler - Model TruSort-48 

Bottle Unscrambler - Model TruSort-60

Bottle Unscrambler - Model TruSort-SO


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