Acasi Machinery is always looking for competent and skillful employees.  For more information on any of the listed positions, contact us.

Current openings include:




Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering

+ 5 yrs exp.

 -Design of automatic machines, development and selection of mechanical, electrical, electronic and control and instrumentation components for the development of inline and rotary liquid bottle fillers for low and medium speed (both overflow type for low viscosity products and piston type for high viscosity), inline bottle cappers that serve different purposes, container and cap unscramblers and feeders devices and machines, conveyors and bottle handling equipment, specially designed for customers or specific needs, not yet manufactured by Acasi Machinery, in order to achieve a greater uptake in the North American market.

-Supervise personnel, provide direct assistance to the sales team, and solve real-time logistical, technical or operational problems or situations at the 3 factories of the Acasi group. (USA, Colombia and Venezuela).

-Travel to Colombia and Venezuela to supervise the operations and verify that the delivery times of the machines manufactured are met according to the agreements with our clients as well as the solution of logistical, operational and financial problems.

-Customer assistance by proposals of optimization of production lines in filling, capping and handling of containers and caps, accessories for fillers and cappers, as well as explosion proof applications, through innovative proposals and designs, manufacturing and marketing.

-Will manage design software, Inventor, AutoCAD, MasterCAM, Flowmaster and Sigma Nest. Programs related to edition of videos and pictures in order to offer web design assistance to the company. Programming using excel. Special Skills: Courses in Rotary machine design, Monoblock Machinery design, Laser nesting software. ISO 9001 Norms, Several design and logistical operations courses. Will travel to Colombia and Venezuela to our affiliates abroad. Mail Resume:  7085 NW 46TH STREET, Miami, Fl 33166.