Chemical Resistant Conveyor Drawings

Acasi machinery manufactures standard conveyors for all our machines as well as custom conveyors for all of our customers. All of our conveyors are manufactured in stainless steel and have tool-less guide rail adjustments.

6in. Conveyor Standard Features:
  • Structure manufactured in UHMW-PE material.
  • Legs manufactured with highly corrosion resistant fiberglass tubing utilizing a vinyl ester resin system with a UV inhibitor.
  • Drive and idler shafts manufactured with Square UHMW or PVDF. Transmission to gear motor via coupling.
  • All screws will be plastic rated for HCL or Hastelloy C276.
  • PVDF - UHMW PVC or Polypropylene used as materials.
  • Polypropylene belt with Polypropylene rods.
  • Variable speed drive installed in filling machine electric panel.
  • Variable speed control mounted on conveyor for independent conveyors.
  • Height adjustable legs with HCL plastic threaded rods and support bases.
  • Adjustable side guides with UHMW brackets.
  • Sealed Plastic enclosure for motor and gearbox protection.
  • Completely enclosed box for gear-motor assembly.
  • Low positive pressure for gear-motor assembly.
  • Washdowm motor standard.

6in. Conveyor 90 degree turn Standard Features:

  • 30 in radius.
  • Manufactured with low friction UHMW-PE.
  • Includes perforations so product spill flow thru.
  • PVDF - UHMW PVC or Polypropylene used as materials.

Electric Requirements:

  • 220 Volts, 60Hz, 10 Amps.
  • Not applicable for conveyors wired into a filler control panel.

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